QUBE oil-free soundproofed piston compressors

QUBE oil-free piston compressors are designed to ensure further noise suppression of our pumping units, while maintaining their duty cycle unchanged. Its innovative TURBOVENT cooling system allows complete control of operating temperatures. Among the advantages for the user, these products have a continuous working cycle at 10 bars, the maintenance of efficiency of the pumping unit over time, an extension of the useful life of mechanical and electrical component, and a noise reduction of an additional 12 dB compared to the non-soundproofed versions.

Powered by cutting edge AXXER MOTION technology, wear-and-tear is reduced to a minimum thanks to an axial piston motion that elminates radial forces. As a result, QUBE compressors have redifined the notion of maintenance-free. Up to a cumulative 3000 hours, pumps require no service. Both COMPACT AIR and CLINIC AIR MODELS are used in the QUBE compressors.

The cabinets are also designed to allow easy opening for ordinary or special inspection and maintenance. QUBE compressors are available in two power ranges, 2,2 kW and 3,2 kW with air outputs ranging from 330 to 660 liters per minute. For both models there are a basic version and a version with membrane dryer, and upon request one with a 0,01 micron antibacterial filter. The 3,2 kW models are also available with 270 liter tanks, and with refrigerant cycle air drying devices. MADE IN ITALY; 3-YEAR WARRANTY.


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