Environmental disinfection devices

CLINIC DECO disinfecting devices produce a sophisticated ultra-dry nebulization effect. This guarantees a safe and effective treatment on a variety of surfaces: electronic equipment, computers, desks, telephones, plastic components, delicate floors and fabrics.

Through nebulization, millions of micro-particles are dispensed in suspension and in turn deposit on surfaces and objects, penetrating deeply, guaranteeing effective and fast sanitization and disinfection, reducing the consumption of disinfectant and ensuring the optimal elimination of microbes and viruses.

The CLINIC DECO product line consists of three models designed to afford an automatic operation. DECO 2 and DECO 3 can be set to automatically operate without the presence of the user. Just start the device, and walk away.

The advanced portability of these devices facilitates a mobile usage and makes it reach spaces with ease and effectiveness.


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