Air treatment refrigerant dryers and filters

Air treatment refrigerant dryers and filters

The RT-DRY series refrigerant dryers are compact, efficient and easy to install. In compliance with the applicable Europan regulations in the field of ecology, all dryers use Gas Freon 134 A and R407. The integrated digital electronic instrument guarantees constant control in every work situation for dew point maintenance, condensate drain, and display of operating condition. The RT-DRY series is able to treat air with flow rates ranging from 400 L/min to 6.000 L/min and is complete with an automatic condensate drain.

The FT series air treatment filters are made entirely of anodized aluminum and internally treated with an epoxy powder coating, guaranteeing high resistance to corrosive and abrasive action agents. The FT series of line filters ensure a constant degree of air purity throughout the operating cycle.


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