Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne

Electric tacker ME - romeo maestri & figli s.p.a.

The electric tacker ME is designed as the ideal tool for finishing work. Thanks to its lightness and practicality, it allows you to operate on finished products without leaving any marks.
The particular geometry of the magnet group and magazine automatically adjusts the fixing strength according to the different heights of the staples. This allows an optimal fixation without requiring a power adjustment.
For the safety of the user, ME has an high resistance body and a trigger with mechanical safety, in order to avoid accidental shooting.
ME has a proven system of built-in loader that allows a comfortable and rapid rear loading operation. It also has a removable front part that facilitates the unjamming without use of other tools.
ME is a Made in Italy product and it is IMQ certified, in compliance with CE, RoHS and Double isolation.

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