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Fresh anchovies from Cantabrian sea - Rizzoli Emanuelli

FRESH ANCHOVIES FROM THE CANTABRIAN SEA are anchovies fished in the north of Spain where the cold and deep water, rich in oxygen and plankton, makes their meat tender and tasty.

We fish them only in spring when they are larger and meatier; we process them by hand on the fishing site to keep all their intense flavour and high quality.

Thanks to their milder saltiness, Rizzoli Fresh Anchovies are meant for connoisseurs, for people who love eating them as they are, for example on croutons and butter. Fridge is the ideal place where to store anchovies and to keep their flavour unchanged for a long time.

LE DOLCI (tray 80g net)

More taste, less salt.

Delicate and tasty anchovy fillets with 25% less salt compared to the classic anchovy fillets, they are preserved in organic seed oil to enhance their natural flavour.

Their delicate, low-salt flavour makes them ideal for enjoying raw, for aperitifs and starters, on buttered crusty bread and for tasty salad. They can also be used for the well-known Sicilian pasta recipe, and for many other tasty dishes.

LE RUSTICHE (tray 80g net)

Wholesome taste, less salt.

Tasty anchovy fillets preserved in organic seed oil with 25% less salt than in the classic anchovy fillets. For a more intense flavour, we keep part of the skin.

Processed using nothing but cold water at the filleting stage. This age-old Spanish processing technique maintains the skin and the oily layer underneath, to enhance the product’s genuine flavour.

Ideal enjoyed on their own to savour the authentic flavour of the anchovies, on bruschettas or pizza, for tasty aperitifs and starters, for appetizing canapés, or rolled up and filled. Also perfect for adding character to recipes requiring that extra kick.

LE MARINATE (tray 80g net)

Flavour with a hint of citrus.

The marinade is prepared with extra virgin olive oil made by pressing olives and citrus fruit together. Its special citrus note makes this product fresh and unique. Ready to taste just by adding a pinch of chopped parsley to taste.

Marinated anchovies, a typical dish in many southern Italian regions, are now popular throughout the country as a traditional seafood starter that’s both appetizing and healthy.

Ideal enjoyed on their own, or with a little chopped parsley to taste. Perfect for aperitifs and starters, tasty salads and deliciously creative dishes.

LE INTERE (tray 85g net)

The flavour of tradition

The best quality anchovies left whole and salted like it used to be to preserve the full typical flavour of tradition. Ideal for flavourful recipes.

A product for the gourmet consumer; ideal as an ingredient for rich, flavourful, traditional recipes, such as bagna cauda or bigoli pasta with anchovy sauce, and also perfect for creative dishes and delicious sauces.

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