Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne

ImpLassic FTP - Dental Tech

The last product introduced by Dental Tech is ImpLassic FTP. It is a conical and submerged implant system with spiral profile with hybrid progress: flat and radiating towards the root, triangular-shaped externally, for greater penetration into incompletely prepared sites. Modulating the surgical procedure is indicated in all types of bone and even in the case of non-compact bone is able to achieve excellent primary stability.

Particular feature of this implant is the 6° Conometric Connection with hexagonal index which facilitates the positioning of the abutment.

The BWS® surface, made by Dental Tech through a sandblasting and etching process for its whole implant range, provides an extremely clean surface and an optimum roughness that promotes the strongest fibrin adhesion to the surface and facilitating the bone healing process by significantly reducing the time.

ImpLassic FTP is available in diameters Ø3.75, Ø4.25, Ø4.75 and in different lengths 8*, 10, 11.5, 13 and 16** mm (* No for Ø3.75 - ** No for Ø4.75).


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