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BASSO FEDELE & FIGLI - Tradizione Italiana

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Basso Unfiltered 100% Product of Italy


Basso Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a rustic oil, from fresh squeezed olives, which is bottled as it comes directly from the mill. The olives are harvested and pressed within the same day, through a cold extraction system. This oil is the result of a careful selection of the best raw oils from Puglia, which  are obtained  from Coratina olives variety. Thanks to small pieces of husk and pulp, BASSO Unfiltered oil offers enhanced perfumes and flavors typical of just squeezed fresh olives, as well as a high nutritional and healthy value due to the higher vitamins and antioxidants content. The consumer will benefit from this aromatic and healthy richness in the first months of the life of the oil, until the oil pulp and peel particles naturally decant and deposit at the bottom of the bottle. BASSO Unfiltered oil is yellow colour with green hues and the typical appearance of a rustic and turbid oil. Its fruity is intense, the taste strong and full of character with marked bitter and persistent spicy notes, still enhanced by artichoke and bitter vegetable notes. Thanks to its peculiar organoleptic characteristics, BASSO unfiltered oil is recommended as dressing for all dishes to be enriched with aromas and flavors. It is particularly suitable for vegetables, bruschetta, grilled vegetables and mixed salads.

It comes now with an exclusive packaging with Basso 1L glass bottle and a fancy traditional label!

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