Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne

CASILLO GROUP - Tradizione Italiana


No risks, thousands of benefits. The packages can travel for extended periods of timeand at extremely high temperatures, without any risk of damage to the product. 0% chance of mould forming within the container due to humidity. Shelf life of over 2 years. The option of storing the sacks in humid locations without the risk of changes to the product. 0% chance of humidity being absorbedfrom the surrounding environment. Other Types: All-purpose Flour, Durum wheat semolina for pasta, Remilled durum wheat semolina.

Selezione Casillo develops its own range of products on different lines of soft and durum flours dedicated to baking, pizzerias, pastry, pasta production. It operates successfully in diverse business sectors, foodservice sectors and retail. The factor of its business success has been represented by a complete and diversified product portfolio, the attention to food safety, quality, innovation and research, customer satisfaction, ongoing training, the use of renewable energy.

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