Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne

KIMBO - Tradizione Italiana

Today, the excellence of the best KIMBO espresso coffee is also available in capsules compatible with the Nespresso* home coffee machines.

Available in three different blends, Intenso, Napoli and Armonia, selected, blended and skilfully roasted in Naples, the Kimbo capsules encompass all the authentic and unmistakeable pleasure of the best espresso coffee in single serve doses. 

Each capsule perfectly conserves 5.8 grams of coffee, the highest amount available in single serve form, and is capable of ensuring a stronger, more intense coffee. Each capsule is self-protected, offering the best way to preserve the coffee, and guaranteeing the ultimate in quality.

 Those who love bolder flavours will choose Intenso, a dark roasted coffee with an intense roasted aroma, a full body and a persistent aftertaste with notes of dark chocolate.

 Then there is Napoli, a blend obtained with a selection of fine Arabica coffees from Central and South America, balanced by a touch of Robusta from Asia.

 Last but not least, Armonia, an excellent blend of 100% Arabica coffees from South America and Central Africa with an elegant aroma

 From 2018 the Kimbo compatible capsule line will be extended, adding: Decaffeinated, Bio-organic and Long Espresso.

 *This brand is not the property of Kimbo

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