Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne

DIVELLA - Gradita


ANUGA is, for Divella, a very important “window for the world” so this is why we chose this moment to introduce our news, knowing that this was the best way to reach out to a large and qualified audience.

The news is multifold, including:

Bronze-extruded pasta – 3KG: our new catering-size packs of bronze-extruded pasta, designed expressly for both high-class restaurants and industries.

Wholewheat pasta: we have re-styled our wholewheat 500g range to make it more attractive on store shelves, though as delicious as ever: indeed, we use carefully-selected durum wheat milled to obtain a wholewheat semolina, without adding any extra bran.

Straws: we are very aware of the damage to our planet caused by plastics and so we are promoting our long, hollow pasta as 100% compostable and environmental-friendly straws.

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