Colonia: 02.-05.02.2025 #ismcologne


Organic Ginger Bread

In a moment like this, when everyone talks about “responsible and conscious” alcohol consumption, Galvanina could not remain indifferent to the trend and has therefore decided to enter into the “MIXOLOGY WORLD” by creating the “RESPONSIBLE COCKTAIL” and presenting a line of Cocktails with low alcohol content (Max. 4% Alc. Vol.) and a line of Mocktails with no alcohol.

A new way of drinking well and responsibly!

In addition to the great passion, the tradition, the innovation and the high quality, that have always characterized our world, the main ingredients of Galvanina Century Organic Beverages are the genuine flavors of freshly squeezed organic fruit and of centrifugated freshly pressed organic vegetables. In order to enhance these ingredients, we have created the best blends by simply mixing them together or by adding a light touch of alcohol.

Conceived and created for people who love the best ingredients the nature can offer.

An example is our "Moscow Light", made with our excellent organic "Ginger

Beer" with pressed organic ginger root... unique and inimitable!

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