Colonia: 18.-24.01.2021

Komodo EcoWall - Nardi

Nardi has always recycled all its production waste and this led to the idea of recovering used plastic to regenerate it in a new life cycle based on the principles of the circular economy. The result is the Komodo EcoWall (designed by Raffaello Galiotto), the first Nardi product made of regenerated material obtained from the recovery of Nardi's and other plastic products at the end of their life cycle. This repositionable modular partition, made of regenerated resin, has been designed to separate outdoor spaces. The individual modules can be configured vertically and horizontally as required to create different layouts, enhance the aesthetic look of outdoor spaces and provide privacy. The structure has a recurrent elegant lattice pattern reminiscent of tree branches. Plants and flowers can be arranged within the empty space of the modules to create a natural backdrop effect, making open-air spaces stylish and adding contemporary appeal.

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