Colonia: 18.-24.01.2021


On the occasion of the Imm Fair in Cologne 2019, Baxter presents itself at the Exhibition with collections and moods that explore, even more in depth, the boundaries of the mix and match.  

In the Baxter space there is a "fight" full of charm during which exciting moments are followed. The compositional freedom and the mastery in the art of the eccentric combination, hallmark of the company, are emphasized by the combination of different styles and eras. A mix that does not appear chaotic but that takes on a special balance, as if all the elements were seen through a multicoloured kaleidoscope. It is the curiosity and the passion for beauty in all its forms that pushes not to follow a single path, but to experiment with the combination of unusual colours and materials.

The Baxter house thus becomes a wonderful wunderkammer in which everything is allowed, free from the style constraints its inhabitants have only one rule: to gather and collect what they like and represents them.

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