SACMI , the technological and productive heart of the Group

Innovation, research & development, partnership with the customer, opening to international markets.

The parent company, SACMI Imola, is the technological and productive heart of the Group, with over 1,200 employees and the headquarters of all strategic activities related to innovation and research of new products, production processes, services.

Continuous investments in Research & Development - over 220 million euros in the last 5 years alone - allow SACMI to offer the market the best state of the art technologies, working alongside the customer to develop increasingly efficient, competitive and sustainable products and processes.
A strong push towards internationalization - the SACMI Group steadily develops almost 85% of its business abroad - combined with a strong local presence allow the company to operate in a widespread manner in the various businesses and markets of reference, developing ever new technological applications for the improvement and evolution of its range of products.

For decades, SACMI’s strategy in all its lines of business has been to supply special solutions tailored to customers’ requirements, in order to maximise returns on investment for both individual machines and  complete “turnkey” systems.

How does SACMI achieve all this in the Beverage industry?

With teams of specialists and in-depth analyses of its customer requirements. There is an ideal process for each product, including several phases: by developing each one of these phases, SACMI is able to supply suitable solutions both for individual items and for global processing systems.

SACMI’s proposals range from beverage preparation to container production, and from filling to closing and labelling all the way to final packaging operations.